The Oyster Gourmet Kiosk : A new Oyster Bar in Los Angeles


oyster bar downtown laThe menu of the new Oyster Bar displays: oysters, of course, but also clams, shrimp, sea urchin, and some raw fish. Most of the seafood is sourced from the West Coast, with each selection certified ecologically sustainable.

You can order wine or beer with the menu.

The Oyster Gourmet Kiosk is the realization of Christophe Happillon’s dream of creating a forum to share his passion for the oyster and the ocean. A big part of this dream was to create a physical space that is unlike any other oyster bar.”

This goal seems to have been met, the Oyster Gourmet Kiosk that opened on Octobre 30th 2014, is of a truly unique design thanks to the design firm The Los Angeles Design Group.
LADG principal designer Claus Benjamin Freyinge describes the space as “a hybrid of a restaurant and a performance piece with Happillon on stage in the center, akin to the pearl within the oyster.”

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